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Photo Friday: Thai Spirit Houses

Everywhere you walk in Thailand you see miniature houses perched on pedestals outside buildings. Sometimes they look like shrines, with a god within, other times they look like doll houses. They are spirit houses, where Thais leave offerings to the land spirits that dwell among us. All spirit houses have some kind of offering, whether…

Photo Friday: Thailand at dawn

I haven’t been writing a lot of blog posts lately — been very busy with launching my new business — but I hope I’m keeping you reasonably entertained and informed with photos. We have lots of news to share, including our adventures in bookkeeping, cooking classes and visits with four-legged natives (check out the photo…

Photo Friday: Nun at Wat Phra Singh

Last Saturday, we wandered the old city looking at wats. One of our favorites was Wat Phra Singh at the end of Rachadamnoen Road. Although I’ve been wanting to capture photos of the local monks and nuns, I can’t bring myself to do so when they’re facing me, so I took the opportunity when this…

Photo Friday: Wat Suan Dok

Brian and I recently headed over to Wat Suan Dok to chat with some Buddhist monks. (On Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, they welcome English-speaking visitors to “monk chat.”) Both of the monks we chatted with hail from Burma, and are studying in the English-language program at the local university, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University. Don’t ask me…

Photo Friday: Leaving on a Jet Plane

See you later, southern hemisphere,

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