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We are a 30-something married couple who decided to leave behind our home, careers and comfortable Silicon Valley lifestyle to try a new course. Join us as we travel the world to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and ways to generate income beyond the traditional 9-5.

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Follow-up: Ocean woes

Back in June, I wrote about my newly discovered fear of ocean swimming and I resolved to delve deeper while we were in Hawaii.  Mission accomplished!  Before we left Hawaii, I floated and drifted — swam is too strong a word — first at Waikiki Beach on Oahu and then later at Kikaua Beach on…

Ocean woes

In keeping with this week’s theme of overcoming fears… The beach has always been one of my favorite places.  I find a deep relaxation laying along the shore in 90-degree temperatures with a hint of breeze occasionally teasing my skin.  I love listening to the caws of seagulls and the sound of waves crashing.  And,…

Overcoming fear, uncertainty and doubt

My friend Cassandra, a coach for female business owners, recently asked her blog readers if they were sharing their unique message with the world.  Her post spoke to me so strongly that I wanted to copy the whole thing and paste it over here, but I decided instead to pay homage and start a related…

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