who are the watsons?
We are a 30-something married couple who decided to leave behind our home, careers and comfortable Silicon Valley lifestyle to try a new course. Join us as we travel the world to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and ways to generate income beyond the traditional 9-5.

My foray into insight meditation

When Brian told me he wanted to attend a meditation retreat in Thailand, I was all for it. I like meditation. I’ve had many positive, relaxing experiences through guided meditation, breathing meditation, walking meditation, empty mind meditation and transcendental meditation. Insight meditation was another story. I had no idea what I was getting myself into…

You can’t go home again…or can you?

I’ve been silent here a long time. For a while I was uncertain what to write. Then, I was demotivated because I couldn’t tell you the full truth — including some major reasons we returned to the States — mainly because Brian didn’t want me to. You see, he was hospitalized in Thailand and if…

Photo Friday: Blue Pools, New Zealand

Cheers,                   Get Shareaholic

Photo Friday: Mom’s choice

Hi everyone, We’re in Jacksonville, Florida visiting my family, so I asked my mom to choose today’s Photo Friday. She picked this one from our visit to the North Island of New Zealand, in the Coromandel region. Cheers,                   Get Shareaholic

Personal accountability, a quote

I just finished reading Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business and wanted to share some inspiration with you. The quote below is from B.C. Forbes, founder of Forbes magazine. I think it’s a good reminder for all of us: Your success depends on you. Your happiness depends on you. You have to…

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