Watsons Unleashed is a reflection of us: Kate & Brian Watson.  Part travelogue, part lifestyle-design exploration, our blog tackles a wide range of topics that interest, inspire and motivate us: travel; the arts; healthy living; spirituality; business and entrepreneurship; and people, culture and languages.  Our goal is to inspire others to live their dreams by living our own. We hope you enjoy our adventures and come along for the ride!

Here’s a short video of us, courtesy of our friend Cassandra Rae:


  • loves Thai food, yoga, dancing and dark chocolate, particularly in the form of sinfully rich lava cake.
  • gets whiplash whenever a sexy car cruises by.
  • seems tough and plays hard, but bruises easily.
  • is better relating one-on-one than in a crowd.
  • fuels her internal fire by reading, asking questions and problem-solving.
  • recently launched a new consulting practice for artists and photographers.
  • previously worked as a fundraising, strategy and finance consultant for nonprofit organizations.
  • studied business at American University, but her real passions are the arts and social justice.
  • lived in five states and two countries, and traveled to 22 countries, before embarking on our round-the-world trip.
  • enjoys taking personality tests and embraces her INTJ-type from Myers-Briggs.


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