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You can’t go home again…or can you?

I’ve been silent here a long time. For a while I was uncertain what to write. Then, I was demotivated because I couldn’t tell you the full truth — including some major reasons we returned to the States — mainly because Brian didn’t want me to. You see, he was hospitalized in Thailand and if there’s one thing guaranteed to freak a wife out, it’s seeing her big, strong hubby laid out on a gurney. Luckily, all is well and his care there was both extraordinary and affordable. But I digress… The opportunity for closure, at least on this chapter of our lives, has come.

Brian and I will be returning home, to California’s Bay Area, in the next month. We’re starting with a road trip around the East Coast to see some friends and family, and then we’re heading cross-country to our new home. Along the way, we’ll be visiting some places I’ve never been before, like New Orleans, West Texas, Wyoming and Salt Lake City. A perfect opportunity, I think, to share and close out our traveling lifestyle of more than a year.

There are many things I haven’t shared and still want to, like loving on baby elephants in Thailand. I will try to fit those in as we travel the States. Because, by the time we get home, I’d like to have a completed blog book that I can print out and put on our coffee table as a reminder of all the fun we’ve had and lessons we’ve learned. Both are considerable.

So, back to my blog title, You can’t go home again…or can you? When we returned to the States, I was amazed at how different everything felt. My reassimilation occurred quickly, however, as I went from a gal who never wore makeup while traveling to one who needed mascara and concealer to leave the house. I still occasionally notice that the $15 I spend on dinner these days could have fed me for a week in Ghana, but I succumb to local standards anyway.

My biggest surprise here in Jacksonville is that my plans to reconnect with my cousins didn’t transpire. I had dreams of spending time at the beach, going to dinner often, becoming better friends with all of them now that we’re adults. What I have realized is that they all have their own lives and, because I haven’t lived here since infancy, I don’t fit. Of my many cousins in town, we only saw one more than occasionally and I think that was his wife’s doing, really. But it was nice.

Then, we flew out to California. As our plane descended into SFO, my heart soared and my nerves churned. It felt like home, like we were finally back where we belonged. As we went about our week in town, we saw several friends and our relationships generally fit right back into place as if we hadn’t been gone 16 months.

Which made me realize that Florida was never home. It was just one more stop on our trip, and a nice opportunity to reconnect with my mom and see some family. California is home. It’s time to go back.


  • Msteinbergbeer

    Where are you in the Bay? Dianne and I visit pretty often. Kid is in S.F. Brother in East Bay.
    Would love to see you next trip.

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Kate

    Hi Michael: We’ll be back in the area the first week of September, probably living somewhere between Sunnyvale and Redwood City. Would love to see you guys, too!

  • Frank Mayhar

    Welcome home.  I return to work on 9/1 and will be going up there shortly thereafter (for a week) — maybe we can have dinner or something.

    (BTW, I’m done with chemo and things are looking good; next oncologist appointment is 10/26.  Yay!)

  • http://www.CassandraRae.com/ Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae

    Really cool insights, Kate.  WELCOME HOME!!!

  • Jody Yarborough

    Great blog Kate! Look forward to having you guys back and reconnecting. Hugs, jody

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Brian

    Sorry for the long delay in responding, Frank. We were doing a lot of driving around the East Coast at the time, visiting family before making the move back west.

    That’s awesome that you finished chemo and are headed back to work! We’re driving across the country right now from Jacksonville to San Francisco, to move our car, my computer and some other stuff. We’ve stopped for the night in east Texas (Baytown, near Houston), which reminded me to respond to you.

    We’ll arrive in the Bay Area around 9/1, so that would be great to see you for dinner! I’ll email you my mobile number.

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Kate

    Thanks, Cassandra & Jody!