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Toilets of New Zealand, take 2

Off to balance the mass-flow equation,

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.matheson Paul ? Matheson

    Since you seem to be interested in toilets, I recommend you watch the film ‘Kenny’. It is a mockumentary about an Aussie who works for a potable toilet company called Splashdown (the company is real). Very funny with surprisingly few poop jokes.

  • Jen Muehlbauer

    Ha! We encountered one of those recently, when taking Rick’s sister to Coit Tower. Because America needs to do everything bigger, this one allowed you up to *twenty* minutes inside. Ugh.

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Kate

    Hi Paul, It’s really that our friends asked us to post about toilets. They may have been joking, but we decided they deserved these toilet posts. Thanks for the film recommendation — perhaps some of them will be interested. Cheers!

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Kate

    Really? All kinds of crazy shenanigans can take place in 20 minutes. What were they thinking? ;-)

  • http://simplyfearless.com/ Coach Cassandra Rae

    All kind of crazy shenanigans can take place in 10 minutes too :~)

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Kate

    Maybe, but only half as much. ;-)