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A pilot at last

Ladies and Gentlemen, he’s done it!  After 10 months of on-and-off training, two instructors, 80 hours of flight time and 250 landings, as well as various mishaps, maintenance issues and scheduling delays, Brian received his private pilot’s license yesterday after passing his written, oral and practical exams.  Ninety-seven percent on the written, in case you were wondering.  No scores are given for the other two, but by way of his flight instructor, we heard that the examiner said Brian was one of the best student pilots he’s ever evaluated.

Brian shows off his "Temporary Airman Certificate." The permanent one will arrive in 2-4 months.

Brian with his flight instructor, Hawk

Brian's last flight in N12215, a trusty Cessna a year older than he is (the airframe, anyway)

Woo hoo,

  • Mandy Watson

    Besides the obvious CONGRATS to my big brother, I have a random question…where does it get mailed if you all will have moved on when it arrives? I'm dumb about this world travel stuff!

  • Kay Cabrera

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous place to learn to fly.

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Kate

    Hi Mandy! My mom is handling our mail. She shreds or files most of it, and occasionally sends something along to us that we absolutely must have. In order to travel like we are, you need helpers and, thankfully, we have great ones.

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Brian

    Thanks, Kay! Hawaii absolutely has been a beautiful place to fly. Besides a few cross-country trips to Hilo and back, I also got to do a little island hopping to Lanai and Maui. Fun stuff!

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Brian

    Great question, Mandy.

  • Bryan Devaney

    Congratulations Brian. You're a talented guy in a variety of ways and it shows in how you choose to devote your considerable energies. Since you're out conquering the Earth, Moon and stars, how about air-lifting some of your homebrew to Northern Palm Beach County.

  • Peggy

    Long time comin' Bri-Guy! Dad and I always knew you were meant to soar and achieve great heights!! Proud of you.
    Love, Mom

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