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We are a 30-something married couple who decided to leave behind our home, careers and comfortable Silicon Valley lifestyle to try a new course. Join us as we travel the world to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and ways to generate income beyond the traditional 9-5.

Monthly Archives: July 2010

Photo Friday: Hawaiian Wildlife

Today I’m featuring some of my favorite Hawaiian wildlife. First up is the gecko.  Although they’ve been here for perhaps 1,500 years, they were introduced to Hawaii by the Polynesians and thus are not considered natives.  We see tons of these critters around the house, inside and out.  Love them! Next is my favorite Hawaiian…

Finding my inner yogini

I’m on a yoga high!  My muscles feel flexible and strong from work and I feel as though nothing could ever phase me again.  There’s something magical about the combination of mental peace and physical exhaustion you experience after a particularly challenging and rewarding yoga practice. I did not come to yoga easily.  For many…

A pilot at last

Ladies and Gentlemen, he’s done it!  After 10 months of on-and-off training, two instructors, 80 hours of flight time and 250 landings, as well as various mishaps, maintenance issues and scheduling delays, Brian received his private pilot’s license yesterday after passing his written, oral and practical exams.  Ninety-seven percent on the written, in case you…

Photo Friday: Lava

On our recent air tour, we flew over some flowing lava from the Pu’u O’o vent.  Although harder to see during the day than at night, I think you can get an idea of what this red hot magma looks like in the photo below.  If you ever see something like this flowing at you,…

Photo Friday: Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world, rising more than 18,000 feet from the black depths of the Pacific Ocean floor up through the crashing surf, and stretching yet another 13,800 feet into the sky. Note the observatories at its peak. Mouse over the photo to see the full panorama: Enjoy,

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