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The curse of distance

Brian and I just heard that one of his cousins passed away.  Mary had been battling ovarian cancer for almost five years.  We are both shocked and deeply saddened by the news, not only because she is family (and we hadn’t heard about her relapse), but also because she was a wonderful lady that we loved having in our lives.  It’s times like these that make you really think about what you’re doing with your life, isn’t it?

While I am pondering the importance of family and missing folks back at home, Brian is focused on how fleeting life is and how crucial it is to make the most of the time we have.  We are both happy that Mary and her family took some big trips in recent years, and that they shared many great memories together, but we’re also both feeling the loss that comes with not being able to do anything to assuage the pain of those left behind or even to make an appearance at the funeral.

Although we’ve been on the road for just three months, this is the second major event we’re going to miss.  Last month, we heard the much happier news that one of my cousins, someone who is like a sister to me, will be getting married this August.  Had we still been in California, we would have flown across the country for Nancy’s wedding, and we would have driven three hours to attend Mary’s funeral.  Our increased distance now makes that much more difficult and expensive.

This is not the first time we’ve missed major events in the lives of our loved ones.  Brian and I have lived on the opposite side of the country from our immediate families for most of our adult lives.  We have missed many unexpected or impromptu events, including funerals, hospital stays and even a wedding or two, because of the cost-prohibitive nature of last-minute air travel.  Our journey around the world will only amplify that.

While I feel truly blessed to embark on an adventure of this magnitude with my husband, recent events really bring home what we’re missing by choosing this lifestyle.  I admit that today I’m feeling reminiscent of our former lives and a little sad.

Our hearts and love go to Mary’s family and friends, and everyone she touched.

Peace and blessings,

  • Sally

    Life and the living go on and the ones that have gone before us will be there when we need their guidance and knowledge. So having written that, continue growing and learning because that is why we are here to experience what life has to offer. There will always be a new life, a new graduation, a new birthday and a new release from the boundary of earthly force. Celebrate every moment, minute and every hour because we don't know when we will be called to fulfill the demands of creation.

  • http://watsons-unleashed.com Kate

    Thanks, Mom. That was really beautiful and helpful!