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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Brian’s Kona (half) Marathon Results

Brian ran the Kona 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. Here’s a quick video of the race and his results: Cheers, P.S. Today is our 90th day on the road. Yay!

Photo Friday: Oahu Beaches

There are too many gorgeous beaches on Oahu, so I’m going to combine them into one Photo Friday. Enjoy! All of the above were taken with my point & shoot, a Canon S90.  Sure it has limitations versus a digital SLR, but if you know how to use it and take a little time to…

Art adventures: Glassblowing

“You were number two.  Cougar was number one.  Cougar lost it, turned in his wings.  You guys are number one.” – Top Gun In the realm of visual arts, sculpture has always been my number two, and photography my number one.  Then I lost it. Now sculpture, and particularly working with glass, is my number…

The curse of distance

Brian and I just heard that one of his cousins passed away.  Mary had been battling ovarian cancer for almost five years.  We are both shocked and deeply saddened by the news, not only because she is family (and we hadn’t heard about her relapse), but also because she was a wonderful lady that we…

Photo Friday: Byodo-In Temple, Hawaii

This week’s photo is of Oahu’s Byodo-In Temple, a full-scale replica of a 950-year-old Buddhist temple near Kyoto, Japan.  This version is located at the base of the 2,000-foot Ko’olau mountain range in Kaneohe, northeast of Honolulu.  Lost fans may also recognize it as the home of Sun’s father: Happy Friday,

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