who are the watsons?
We are a 30-something married couple who decided to leave behind our home, careers and comfortable Silicon Valley lifestyle to try a new course. Join us as we travel the world to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and ways to generate income beyond the traditional 9-5.

Our cross-country journey in snapshots

Our first overnight: New Orleans, LA. Two days and one trip to Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.

A delicious lunch on the road at Crawfish Town USA, Breaux Bridge, LA

Details outside Rothko Chapel, Houston, TX

Downtown Austin, TX at night

Roswell, New Mexico's finest

Sunflowers in Santa Fe, NM

Under Santa Fe skies

Sunset on the drive through Denver, CO

Running with deer, Fort Collins, CO

In Wyoming, a V-I-D with police escort

Almost home... Salt flats in Utah

Home at last... Back in California, for good

Our Favorites

Now that Brian and I have returned to California, we’ve started reflecting on our travels. The other night at dinner I asked him what his favorite experience was from each place we visited, so we went back and forth, taking turns answering the question for each stop. Here are our top-of-mind responses: Brian Kate Hawaii…

Patara Elephant Farm: Quality time and babies!

Right after visiting Elephant Nature Park (ENP), I thought I’d gotten my elephant fix. A week later, though, I was singing a different tune. I wanted some quality time with an elephant and Patara Elephant Farm promised just that with its Elephant Owner for a Day program. Patara┬áis the #1 activity on TripAdvisor for Chiang…

Visiting Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

I love elephants but I avoid zoos, preferring to see wild animals in a more natural setting. Visiting Thailand, I wanted to have a meaningful encounter with the native Asian elephants. I chose from more than 15 experiences near Chiang Mai, creating a shortlist of four that met my requirements: They didn’t have an “elephant…

Observations of Thailand

Thailand was a new world after our travels through Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. Here are a few things we noticed: Despite being farther away from Mexico, Thailand does Mexican fare better than Australia or New Zealand. Maybe it’s a general talent for cooking which we found lacking in our earlier travels… Road traffic in…

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